It was 1983 when the De Bartolo managed to make the connections necessary to create the first working fireplace with open door for closing the valve without any fumes able to give a good compromise between heating and hot water, then the meticulous attention in the design phase led the realization of increasingly perfected prototypes.
The technology of the products De Bartolo is grafted on a wealth of knowledge typically hand, the result of a life dedicated to the development of fireplaces and their operations.
For De Bartolo fireplace once again becomes a warm meeting place, which creates its own atmosphere and enhances the personality that you have been able to give your home to increase the value of your environment and your style.


De Bartolo as essential to ensure the sustainability of the planet. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products.


The power of his path indicates its heating capacity, ie the quantity of heat produced by the transformation of wood into heat for your home.


The CO2 emissions of a chimney are neutral from the environmental point of view because the amount of CO2 released from wood is the same whether the wood is burned is that dry rot in the woods.


Fireplaces | Biomass boiler



The hazelnut shells are very affordable cost, when compared to the pellets, they represent a seasonal fuel types that can not be found throughout the year.


The pellet is a material derived from the pressurization and the heating from the wood waste, then reduced in cylinders of 6/8 mm in diameter and with a length of 2/3 cm.


The exhausted pomace (the residue of pressing oil olive) is the one that is used as fuel. Sold both loaves in chips, it is an excellent fuel for boilers specially designed.

Wood chips

Obtained from residues of wood processing, or obtained directly from processing of the wood cuts not usable for most valuable machining.


Always the most fuel used by man for domestic heating should use seasoned wood and according to your purpose, select the type.


They are obtained from residues of wood processing, or obtained directly from processing of the wood cuts not usable for most valuable machining.


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